Human Resources


Welcome to the Human Resources Department of West Valley-Mission Community College District!

The Human Resources Department serves and supports the faculty and staff of West Valley College in Saratoga, CA and Mission College in Santa Clara, CA.

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to empower the human capital of the District to focus on and create a student-centered learning environment.

Human Resources Organizational Chart

To better assist you, our constituents, in identifying the appropriate contact in Human Resources, we are posting our organizational chart. The chart lists names, titles, extensions and brief descriptions of the functional area each individual covers. Please feel free to reach out to the appropriate contact for your specific need. Should you not know who to contact, please contact the Executive Assistant at 408-741-2131.

Human Resources Organizational Chart.pdf


 HR Team


Albert M. Moore
Albert M. Moore
Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Paul Williams
Paul Williams
Director, Compliance, Training & Employee Relations
Mary Lonich
Mary Lonich
Supervisor, Human Resources Support Services
Daniel Le Guen-Schmidt
Daniel Le Guen-Schmidt
Executive Assistant, Human Resources
Rose Schultz
Rose Schultz
Human Resources Specialist - Classified Personnel
Ryan Ng
Ryan Ng
Human Resources Specialist - Administrators
Christy Tum
Christy Tum
Human Resources Assistant - Faculty/Recruiting Back-Up
Barbara Richardson
Barbara Richardson
Human Resources Specialist - Faculty
Gina Venn
Gina Venn
Human Resources Assistant - Student and Short-Term Hourly
Le Quyen Lenshoek
Le Quyen Lenshoek
Human Resources Specialist - Leaves/Workers Compensation
Tracey Frizzell
Tracey Frizzell
Human Resources Specialist-Benefits
Sean McGowan
Sean McGowan
Human Resources Specialist - Recruitment
Prachi Samant
Prachi Samant
Human Resources Data Analyst

 Policies and Procedures



Before you write your proposal, read Article 44 of the ACE/District agreement. Additionally, the PG & D Committee has developed the following guidelines to address some of the questions you might have while preparing your proposal.


You may use conference funds but not other District funds to attend conferences as part of PG & D activities. You may receive outside compensation for work experience if you can provide a rationale for it (such as industry practice or nondisclosure obligations).


One unit of PG & D credit is given for 48 hours of work. If you propose activities other than coursework, workshops, or conferences, divide the proposed activity into major components. Then provide an estimate of the number of hours you will spend on each major component.


The ACE agreement places restrictions on using lower division courses to satisfy the Segment B requirement. If you wish to take lower division courses you must provide a justification that is consistent with the ACE/District agreement. A written rationale from your division chair approving lower division coursework must accompany your proposal.


The committee awards units for workshops/conferences in the following manner:

​1/2 day
​6 hours
​0.125 units
​1 day
​12 hours
​0.25 units
​2 days
​24 hours
​0.5 units
​3 days
​36 hours
​0.75 units
​4 days
​48 hours
​1 unit
​5 days
​60 hours
​1.25 units

Conference hours shall not include travel to or from conferences.


For travel to be a P G & D activity, the ACE/District agreement requires a measurable outcome that will enhance performance in the discipline. What you learn from your travel is not a measurable outcome. Slides, travel itineraries, receipts, or tickets are not measurable outcomes. Examples of measurable outcomes are: a series of slide presentations accompanied by appropriate scripts relevant to themes or concepts in a particular course that you teach; sets of handouts with written outlines for accompanying lectures; written outlines for a series of lectures. (Your compliance statement should specify how the travel will be incorporated into the measurable outcome that you propose.)


Unit values for any of the above will be determined on a case by case basis by the PG & D committee. The information which you supply the committee will be used to determine the credit value, so be as specific as possible when writing your proposal. Authorship requires a letter of interest and/or contract from a publisher to accompany the proposal.

If you still have difficulties in writing your proposal, please contact  Anna Brichko.
The Deadline for submission of completed application to the Faculty Specialists in Human Resources is the second Friday in October, October 13, 2017.


If you need to make changes to your original application, please use this form: 
PGD Change Request Form.pdf

Two copies of the Compliance Report are due in April of the completion year. Please use this template to format your report.